The G-posse of the Kochi Castle

5 strong & healthy puppies born december 10, 2019

The much anticipated-on G-litter seems to have successfully combined excellent exterior & genetically ingrained social behavior!

4 males :

Genjiro Agaeru of the Kochi Castle, Oscar

Gentaro Tatsu of the Kochi Castle, Gijs

Goichi Oroku of the Kochi Castle, Floyd

Goro Muoro of the Kochi Castle, Bruce

1 female :

Gaia Kaguya of the Kochi Castle, Bo


Benigna Hokori of the Kochi Castle Bonsai  

Bonsai was born in our flawlessly beautiful B-litter (12 pups). All the best assets of her already amazing parents came together as one within her, both physically and mentally.

Her strength, fitness and functional construction with harmonious angulations are easy to spot. She moves with incredibly powerful and effortless motion, and has vigorous agility. Her beautiful red color, strong head with square muzzle, typical expression and complete+correct dentition explain why Bonsai is the living example of the breed standard.

Bonsai has always been a very "happy-go-lucky" kind of dog. Full of wit, she always knows how to put a smile on your face. She stands her ground confidently and at the same time, without a care in the world. She is very intelligent and an extremely reliable watch dog.

Towards other dogs, she gives what she receives. Never looking to start a fight, she loves to play with other dogs. But beware: she will not tolerate a dog with an attitude.

Health screening results: HD-A  |  ED-0

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Connor Totoro of the Kochi Castle Mambo  


Mambo was born in our extraordinarily gentle C-litter (11 pups). From the six litters we have bred, "the C-crew" was by far the sweetest litter of pups we had. It seems that the great example that was set by their loving and caring mom, was combined with the legendary social skills of their grandmother from sire's side.

With 65 kgs, he is not an enormous dog, which we consider a true advantage for the generations to come. With his well-developed musculature, especially in the hindlegs, and a very broad skull, he has mass where it matters. His coat is an absolute dream, in terms of the short and shiny structure as well as his beguiling mahogany red color

Mambo, like all of his siblings from the C-crew - males and females alike - remained truly social towards other dogs well into adulthood. This is a very rare trait within the breed, and considered the presence of it throughout his entire litter, we have great expectations that he will pass this wonderful temperament on to his offspring.

Health screening results: HD-B  |  ED-1

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