So, what's it like to live with a Tosa - or to live with more than one? What does the international cynological federation FCI say about the breed? Which health risks should be taken into account? In our minds, these are the most important chapters to read thoroughly if you want to know all about the Tosa. Next, you'll find a FAQ - the most frequently asked questions that we came across during your first times meeting our dogs. Lastly, there's a bit about the history of the breed. In general, being aware of a breed's history is considered very helpful to understand your (future) Tosa more profoundly.\
Frankly, we kind of expect you to have read this stuff before you decide whether you want a Tosa or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you looking for a kick-start to understand this breed and find out if it's the right dog for you? Short and simple, here you'll find the answers that we gave hundreds of times, because you all want to know these very functional and good-to-know facts

Breed Description

Don't judge a book by its cover! You've probably fallen in love with the impressive beauty of the Tosa, and we totally get that. But it's not just a living room ornament. The Tosa is a big and strong-willed dog that requires a specific upbringing in order for it to be a happy, well adapted companion - and not the neighborhood's terror. So be wise and ensure yourself that especially their temperament, behavior and personality will be a good fit for your family in the decade to come. Here's our view after 15 years of experience.

Tosa & Health

It's important to know in advance what you're getting yourself into, because a dog this size comes with a price when you have to visit the vet... Compared to other giant breeds, the Tosa is quite a healthy one, especially in terms of athleticism and longevity.


Every type of dog, though - not exclusively purebreds - is predisposed to certain diseases. This can be due to genetics, environmental factors, or a combination of both. Furthermore, it's crucial to the wellbeing of your dog (and your bank account) that many of the problems mentioned could likely be prevented by the correct management of the dog.


When we started out with the breed, we wish we knew more about this, but no one ever mentioned it. That's why we decided to list the recurring health issues...

The FCI Breed Standard

The FCI is the worldwide canine organisation which coordinates the regulation of pedigree dogs. National Kennelclubs and registered breeders (just like "Of the Kochi Castle") are a member of the FCI and must abide by their rules.


A breed standard is an official description of the ideal qualities of a breed, written by the country of origin, in our case: Japan. The official breed standard of the Tosa is unfortunately very concise and open to interpretation. That's why we decided to add our own clarifications to the official translation...

History Of The TOSA

The history of the Tosa brings us back to the 14th century, to what is now known as Kochi, Japan. Their story begins in a time and culture so different from ours, that we might never fully understand the awe there once was for these dignified dogs. Built on a wide (and surprising!) range of breeds, the Tosa was originally bred to be the ultimate fighter, with their iconic style resembling that of the greatly revered Sumo wrestlers...  

" If it's not a Tosa, it's just a dog. "