So sorry if we scared you! Even if we actually might perhaps own a feisty Norfolk Terrier in the future (this breed is Moniques 'guilty pleasure'), this will never be a reason to abort our wonderful mission. Even more so, we will never just replace our dogs for another one. Those who know us know: our dogs are our family!


So the good news is that we are no way planning to quit! We actually have great plans for the short term (check out our Breeding plans) and there's also long term ideas in mind that will help us to keep improving our fantastic breed and to enhance/preserve their positive place in today's society.


In case you actually kind of are disappointed because you were seriously looking for a good Tosa that needs rehoming, try our Herplaatsers page (Dutch only).


Not sure yet if a Tosa would be the right dog for you? Get in touch and we'll tell you all about it!