"What's a Tosa like, you ask?

Well... Intense is the only definition that truly covers it all, I guess. It's a companion unlike any other creature in this world. To own a Tosa once, is to be stuck on them forever. Don't say I did not warn you!" 

- Monique van Strien

Good to see you here!

We genuinely appreciate your visit to our website. It's carefully constructed to serve anyone who seeks to learn more about this amazing breed, the Tosa! Being well-informed about a certain breed is of the utmost importance when it comes to getting any pet, but we firmly believe that this might be even more true for the Tosa. We strongly feel - and know from firsthand experience - that this breed is not for everyone. Through this website, you will understand why.


Apart from the serious stuff, we promise that you will also catch a glimpse of what makes these dogs so special, and why there are people out there crazy enough to devote their time, money and effort to a greatly misunderstood breed. But above all, when you've dug through all the information on this website, and seen the endless amount of videos and photos on our Facebook page and YouTube channel, it might be time to meet the ever so impressive Tosa in real life.


Perhaps at a dog show near you, perhaps at our home, or perhaps in the homes of other experienced owners. More often than not, Tosa enthousiasts will be happy to welcome you just so you can meet their big drooly friends (or "hairy children" as some like to call them) and feel the enchanting energy of their presence. Thanks to our growing community of happy and responsible Tosa owners, knowledge and experience are being shared among all those who wish to hear it. And we're really proud of that!

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