Genjiro Agaeru of the Kochi Castle OSCAR

Igor Bosatsu of the Kochi Castle BUTCH

Greg Tisama Tosa Ken HUMMER



Freya Oniyuri of the Kochi Castle GEISHA

Benigna Hokori of the Kochi Castle BONSAI

Fame Maegashira





" To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die." 

- Thomas Campbell

We have been in the privileged company of Tosas every single day since 2004. Ofcourse, with owning and loving a dog inevitably comes a time to say goodbye. No matter their age or reasons of parting with us, each dog leaves a massive footprint on our hearts and is missed forever. We talk about them daily, cherishing the memories of what they were like, how they made us smile - or drove us crazy from time to time - and what their antics and wisdom has taught us for the future. With this page we seek to honour them one by one, and over time, we hope this page will fill as slowly and gently as possible.



Int.Ch. Chinmi z Horowych Bagien

✝ June 2021



Furohito No Öji Maegashira

✝ January 2019

Our sweet gardener. The King of our Castle. A diamond in the rough.


You were so incredibly charming. So much that the vet let you roam around freely through the entire veterinary clinic. But regardless of your enormous size, you did not need much space. You would lay down on her feet wherever she went - the exact same thing you've always done at home with us. You stole away the hearts of many, with just a single glance. Never complaining or in a bad mood, your eyes glowed with kindness and jollity.


The first two years of your life, you lived together with Prince, a Saluki male. He was your "big" brother, even though you quickly grew out to be so much bigger. The last two years of your life, you lived with us and found instant chemistry with your sister Kyoto, with whom you were inseperable since your first day together. She misses you and your amazing wrestling matches so much.


Only two weeks after your 4th birthday, you lost your fight against recurring paralytic ileus, which had been going on for about 6 months. GDV surgery and permanent medication initially seemed to help you, but we knew it was no true solution. Your eventual suffering was soul crushing and we were unable to save you. You leave us behind feeling absolutely devastated. People across the world cried along with us, that's how special you were and you lacked the arrogance to realise that.


You were father to 13 pups, of which 5 pups are born in our kennel. Through them, your legacy - though far too short - will live on.