Breeding Plans

The I-litter is born on May 27th, 2021!

We're sorry, but there are no puppies available from this litter.
Please check out our breeding plans and how to apply below.

Puppies planned:
Autumn/Winter 2021

Stay tuned for more info.


How to get a
Kochi Castle Tosa puppy!

Our high standards in breeding and rearing have brought about a high demand for our puppies. Only those who seem suitable at first and second glance, are selected for the list of future owners. If you wish to be one of them, be smart and don't wait out until pups are born to inquire about the opportunity, because our puppies are usually reserved before they are even born. We are happy to meet any possible great new owners for our beloved pups!


Step 1 - Learn

Try to gather as much information about the breed as you possibly can. Meet up with owners, ask bold questions, figure out the downsides. Then consider wisely if this is the breed for you.

Step 2 - Apply

Fill out the puppy application form. Please don't skip step 1!

Step 3 - Wait

Wait for our response. We understand that this is the hardest part, but we'll reply to all applications. 

Step 4 - Visit

Visit us / Video call. At this point, if we believe that you are a suitable owner, we really want you to meet us and the dogs. If you really live too far away to visit us, we can organise a video call.

Step 5 - Confirm

If you are convinced that you want a Tosa puppy from our kennel AND we are confident that you will be a great home for one of our puppies, we will ask you to pay for a spot on the waiting list. We will not refund the payment if you change your mind later on - we really want you to think it through before this step.


➜ Please note that we reserve the right to decide how many puppies from a litter will become available for the listed families. This might even mean all puppies or no puppies from a specific litter, and everything in between! 
➜ Likewise, if it is your turn but you choose to skip a litter (because you don't like the parents, the puppies or because it is not the right time to commit to a puppy), that's no problem at all. No questions asked.

➜ We reserve the right to refund the payment and withhold a puppy, in case we receive information that breaks our trust to place a puppy in your home. The well-being of our dogs and puppies is always top priority.
➜ In the unlikely event that we stop breeding before you get a puppy from us, your payment will be refunded.


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