Breeding Plans 2020

Spring/Summer 2020

Junior Champion

Fame Maegashira  


HD-A (Norberg 38)  |  ED-0  |  ECVO-dist.

Autumn/Winter 2020

International Champion i.a.

Chinmi z Horowych Bagien  




HD-A (Norberg 40)  |  ED-0  |  ECVO-clear

Read our view on the current situation regarding the Corona pandemic!

More than anything we hope to be able to stick to our breeding plans for this year. However, we are living in uncertain times in which measures and restrictions are changing every day.

Our biggest concern in this regard is the lenghty freedom that is required to provide your future puppy's essential ongoing socialisation and habituation. Also, with cross-border traveling restrictions all over the world, picking up your puppy might turn out to be a long haul. Both are highly undesireable, as we breed dogs and pick owners in a way that ensure they will live a safe life in favorable conditions and an enriched environment.

Since it is unknown where this pandemic will lead us, and everyone's personal situation is affected by the spread of the Corona virus differently, it might be wise to postpone getting a puppy.

If you are interested in getting a puppy in 2020, please contact us for consultation.

Don't Wait Out!

Let us know if you want to get a puppy

Our high standards in breeding and rearing have brought about a high demand for our puppies. We hand-pick future owners of our beloved pups from a list of strictly selected contenders. If you wish to be one of them, please be smart and don't wait out to inquire about the opportunity. We would be happy to meet any possible great new owners for our beloved offspring!

Our Ten Commandents

  1. All puppies are born in our living room and grow up amidst our daily family life.   

  2. All puppies (and their mom!) get the best care 24/7 with high quality food (including raw!) and constant hygienic, safe and comfortable circumstances.   

  3. All puppies are vaccinated, regularly dewormed, microchipped and registered. 

  4. All puppies will have a european passport, a full FCI pedigree with DNA certificate (including parentage check!).   

  5. Both parents are fully tested by the official national health panel on HD, ED and the eyes are tested by European ECVO standards.   

  6. We are a member of the official breed association for the monitoring of hightened breeding standards.   

  7. All puppies are potty trained long before they leave to their new home. 

  8. Every single day we apply a thorough puppy socialization programme  (no flooding!) for the beneficial development of neurological and psychological capabilities of the puppies, in order to equip them with a great set of communication skills for the rest of their lives.

  9. We provide you with all the relevant papers of the litter and the parents AND with guidelines to help raise your adorable puppy into a stunning, well-raised Tosa.   

  10. We absolutely LOVE to keep in touch with the puppy owners and we try to assist or advice whenever asked for.


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