The E-pack of the Kochi Castle

11 strong & healthy puppies born december 24, 2018

2 males :

Egon Seifukusha of the Kochi Castle, Enzo

Enzo Majime of the Kochi Castle, Baldr

9 females :

Echo Tsukiakari of the Kochi Castle, Bhandhu

Edda Ikigai of the Kochi Castle, Riva

Eden Hanabatake of the Kochi Castle, Riva

Edyta Shibui of the Kochi Castle, Tess

Elia Komorebi of the Kochi Castle, Keda

Elmira Okiniiri of the Kochi Castle, Kacey

Enyo Ukiyo of the Kochi Castle, Suus

Eos Omoshiroi of the Kochi Castle, Inari

Era Hachimitsu of the Kochi Castle, Bruna


Fame Maegashira Kyoto  

We have imported Kyoto from the Czech Republic in 2015. When she mothered our C-litter (July 2017) she has shown to be a fantastically sweet "primal" mother for her 7 females and 4 males, which we have weaned and reared with great pleasure. Kyoto is a giantess with unprecedented gentle character, and she really passes on this trait to her offspring with love and kindness.

Health screening results: HD-A (Norberg 38)  |  ED-0  |  ECVO-dist.

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Baldo Sabanto of the Kochi Castle Koos  


Koos is a puppy from our wonderful B-litter (born June 2016). Koos is a compact and stable dog, very affectionate and protective like a good male should be. We are very grateful for the owners of Koos to get the opportunity to make this beautiful and impressive dog contribute to our breeding programme.

Health screening results: HD-A (Norberg 40)  |  ED-0  |  ECVO-clear

Read more about Koos   here.  

View all pictures of how he grew into a stunning adult dog in  his facebook photo album

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