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"Of the Kochi Castle" is a non-profit kennel, solely dedicated to breeding better Tosa dogs
- generation after generation - in terms of health, beauty and character.


It is situated centrally in The Netherlands and founded in 2012 by M.J.C.E. (Monique) van Strien - a Tosa enthousiast in heart and soul, whos passion only grows bigger with every day spent between her beloved dogs, ever since owning her first Tosa back in 2004.


The People Behind

"Of The Kochi Castle"

Want to know the answer to all the questions we get asked most frequently, such as "Who are you?", "What's your dog story?", "What made you choose this breed?" and "When and why did you guys decide to start breeding Tosa?". You can read it all here...   read more >>


Our Vision, Thoughts & Goals

We don't produce average Tosa puppies, because we strive to achieve clearly formulated breeding goals and put a lot of thought and knowledge into that. We aim to increase the health, perfect the unique character and enhance the beauty of this marvellous breed, the Tosa. Despite the enormous cost, effort and sacrifices it takes. Now, it might not be easy to focus on all three, but in our eyes they are 100% intertwined...   read more >>


Origination Of Our Kennel Name

People often wonder about the following: "Why did you choose this name for your kennel?" That's an interesting question, and we love to tell you more about how we deemed "Of the Kochi Castle" the perfect fit in every way...   read more >>

Excellence has an origin...

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